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January 14, 2004

My back's been spasming something fierce for the last week or so, pretty much fluctuating from low grade aches to shooting pains, sometimes up around the shoulders, depending on what I'm doing. This hurts a lot, and makes it hard to sleep, or sit at the computer for any length of time. Upshot: not getting a whole lot of rest, and making it no fun to concentrate on work. Also, we're doing Buddha Fist in "tai chi" class right now - although it's more a shaolin thing - and there's no way I can do that like this, so, skipping class until it gets better.

Not sure how to go about making this better, really. Bernie made me go get a back massage, which was nice, and made it feel better for, oh, about an hour. Laying flat helps a bit, but again, not for long. So, spending a lot of time doing nothing, drinking a lot of water, taking hot showers, and chugging ibuprofen. Probably see if that massage therapy has anything to it again sometime soon, and I think it's time to bug the doctor again, see if she can say anything about it.

On the upside, Bernie made some espresso, then went and got me a dozen Krispy Kremes last night. The sugar rush seemed to help my concentration a bit. Still, on the 4am-noon sleep schedule, which really isn't great for interacting with the real world much. Bah. Looking forward to lying on the couch and doing exactly nothing this weekend.

(January 14, 2004 09:45 PM)
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