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January 18, 2004

So, I went to the doctor on friday (after getting another massage, which helped a bit), and she poked and pushed and pulled a little bit, and said, yep, you've got muscle spasms real bad, but it's not any spine or disc related thing. She gave me a prescription for some muscle relaxants (skelaxin) and an anti-inflammatory (naproxen), and said that if it didn't get better after a week, to call her back and start making arrangements for physical therapy. So, that's fun. I thought that I was pretty much done last night - my back wasn't hurting at all, and things had just moved up into my neck and shoulders, but I woke up this morning (da da da dum) and the knife under my shoulder blade was back. Fuck.

In other news, I managed to sit and concentrate at the computer long enough to hit my deadline last week, and I haven't heard anything from anyone since, so I appear to be in a slack zone for a little bit, which is good. I've got the core stuff for Parallax pretty solid, I think, so now it's time to start coding in earnest. But first, more drugs.

(January 18, 2004 01:23 PM)
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