February 20, 2004

Welp, that's done. I just finished putting up an eighty-foot run of cedar fence behind the new bamboo on the side of our property. That's digging a dozen two foot deep holes, filling 'em with cement to hold stuff up, plonking stuff in and cutting everything down to size, figuring out how to attach the rails to my haphazardly-laid out posts, nailing up some heavy-gauge welded wire fencing, and finally attaching the lattice with a whole mess of baling wire. So, that took a couple of days. Now I've got my arms and hands all gouged up from various wild pieces of wire, and I managed to get a pretty good burn on my arms and neck, since it turned unexpectedly sunny and warm after, you know, snowing last week. (Yes, I know that this technically makes me a "red-neck" now. Haw, haw.) I managed to get away with minimal splinters, so, I guess that's a plus. Really need to find me some work gloves that'll fit my monster hands.

Oh yeah, and I put in a new mailbox. We are no longer imploring god to bless America.

Next up is building a little planter by the back to grow stuff to hide the windows some more, and plant some blue morning glories and trumpet vines along the new fence. Those should explode pretty fast, and produce some impressive cover in fairly short order. Greg - our landscape guy - also came by this morning to help lay out where the lawn is going in, and a crushed granite path along the side of the house, into the backyard, where the fire pit will be. Man, I hope we hire people to do that, because I'm all tired out.

We now return to our regular movie watching, reading, and video game playing.

(February 20, 2004 05:48 PM)

>putting up an eighty-foot run of fence
>digging a dozen two foot deep holes,
>filling 'em with cement
>plonking stuff
>cutting everything down to size,
>attach the rails
>nailing up some wire fencing
>attaching the lattice
>Really need to find me some work gloves

> (Yes, I know that this technically
> makes me a "red-neck" now. Haw, haw.)

Didja find out Bernie was your long lost cousin? You did everything but start raisin' chickens. Besides, you already live in texas and own a shotgun.

Posted by: brian on February 23, 2004 10:50 AM
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