March 26, 2004

Well, we're going to see our evil genius accountant tomorrow, for tax stuff. We reckon that there's all sorts of new and exciting things we have to figure out with the house and everything, so it's going to be a team event up there in North Austin, at 9am in the morning o'clock. I'm not sure that really works for me - my natural sleep time is from about 4am-noon when I'm left to my own devices, and I have been pretty devised lately. Well, I told Bernie that she could make the appointment for whenever was good for her, so, I reckon I get what I deserve. Fortunately, I imagine that this meeting will mostly about her, since my income last year was in the mid-four-digit range, and she's been busting ass at a sweet contracting job pretty much full time - we just need to figure out who gets what part of which responsibility for house stuff, however that works out best for us.

Me, I've been trying to make a ding in the work situation for myself here. I'm starting to sign up hosting accounts, and it looks like I might get a new handful soon, so that'll cover half of my monthly DSL bill, at least. (If you're in Austin, and you want a cheap, local web host, give me a holler.) I've also got a couple of warm leads from schmoozing around (which I hate doing) at SXSW this year, and a friend of mine says that they may soon have some webernet-type stuff to throw my way, too, so, if things go well, maybe I'll be able to cover my half of the mortgage this year. Other than paying work, I've built a few little scripty-type things, and I'm starting to get a bit of steam behind a overhaul, which should look good for prospective clients. There's also my sooper seekrit game project that's slowly coming along, and I'm looking to start writing some more, see if that leads anywhere. Plus, making more progress on the house and yard, and chipping away at little woodworking projects, banjo practice, and a million other little things that peck at me from the periphery. Peck, peck, peck.

(March 26, 2004 01:44 AM)
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