March 28, 2004

Man, I woke up this morning feeling like crap again. Sharp pain in the bladder area, feeling woozy and nauseous. Not as bad as last time it happened a few months ago, but didn't go away as fast, either. I thought it was food poisoning before, but I think it might just be a stomach bug or something - although, I have been looking around, and I hear tell that cedar allergies can sometimes affect peoples' stomachs, and it was around this time last year that I got some pretty bad gastric distress, too. Wah wah.

It's been warming up and getting nicer out, which means hanging out in the yard more often, instead of being holed up in the computer room all day. I actually got back into the little workshop I set up last year, and busted about halfway through this little cedar end table - it's a pretty simple plan, but it's a good start. I reckon I can cut the slats for the top and finish it up tomorrow, and then, benches.

Went to see the new Dawn of the Dead movie with Dave and Mel tonight, and it was a lot better that I had expected it would be. Only a few stupid things, the biggest of which is: does this take place in some bizarro alternate universe where nobody has ever seen a damn zombie movie before? "I think it's the bites." Yeah, no shit, Marie Curie. I think my next screenplay project is going to be one where zombies attack an Amish community, because at least then there'll be a good reason for nobody to know that you have to shoot them in the goddamn head. Plus, once they figure it out, the Amish KICK ASS!

(March 28, 2004 12:18 AM)
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