March 28, 2004

Another revelation: While discussing where we would meet when the zombie attack comes, a local Wal-Mart quickly rose to the top of the list. There's food, there's guns and ammunition, there's all sorts of improvisational supplies, and the entrances could be barricaded securely fairly easily. It's got a good flat roof for a helicopter landing or for a secondary fall-back area, lots of room inside in case people get on each other's nerves, and there'll probably be generators and vehicles in the eventuality that things go from dead to worse. Then we realized what Sam Walton's big plan was - we know that they intend to build a superstore every three miles, all the way across the country, but it's not to increase profits. Oh, no, Sam knew of the impending zombie holocaust, and he wanted to be sure that there would be a safe haven for every American, no matter where they were. Genius!

Back in present day, I just finished gluing and screwing the top slats on our new cedar table, and I've got to say, it looks pretty good for the first big project to come out of the little shop. I was afraid that some of the cuts were going to be off, but the new circular saw and belt sander made everything go pretty smoothly - those little suckers are magic make-the-wood-disappear machines. (It feels pretty good to have built a table without using any HTML.) It rained today, and it's a bit damp out, so if it clears up tomorrow, I'll put the sealer on, and we'll be good to go. I think the next big project is building a raised bed for Bernie's vegetable garden, and then some more outdoors furniture to go around the fire pit in the back yard.

There's also some sourdough bread rising on the stove - I've had some starter sitting in the refrigerator for a month or so now, and it's about time it gets used. One of Bernie's main complaints about Texas (in that it's not like San Francisco) is that it's hard to find good sourdough. I think she's just being picky about it - one of the good markets nearby has some pretty killer breads - but we'll see if this home-made stuff does her any good.

(March 28, 2004 09:09 PM)
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