April 01, 2004

I was cruising along pretty well for a while there, getting stuff done, going outside, basking in the silver glow of the productiv-o-ray. Then I got the email - the City of Heroes beta is open, and it's time to get my crime-fighting on. Signed up, logged in, played around with the character generation for a while - because it's pretty darn neat - then spent the rest of the afternoon, evening, night, and early morning setting bad guys on fire.

This is putting a serious dent in my "get back on a normal schedule, and do stuff at a normal time" plan, which was fully in effect this morning, before I packed up and moved to Paragon City. I think they're in a different time zone or something. Anyway, good thing I don't have a job or anything, huh?

Also, April Fool's day is stupid.

(April 01, 2004 03:48 AM)

> I packed up and moved to Paragon City.

Let me guess; you stayed in your bathrobe the whole time.

Posted by: goat boy from philly on April 1, 2004 11:27 AM
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