April 02, 2004
flex points

Well, that was a reasonably productive day, all things considered. I woke up kind of late, (but before noon), read a bit, fiddled around with the internets, then put myself together, mixed up a batch of buggy death cloud, and gave the yard a good spray-down. Hopefully, that'll put a smack of preemptive mitigation on the ants and likewise critters this year.

After I washed all the poison off, we went to Chez Zee for Aunt Kathy's 50th birthday dinner. All the folks were there, and the food was darn good, so that was pretty fun. Looks like she's moving up our way, to South Austin somewhere, so, that's pretty ruling. I think I talked myself into chaperoning my cousin Laura to Las Vegas for a Star Trek convention in September or so. Wooo, Vegas! Also, I learned that my sister Katie is going to be coming down this way for a few weeks in the middle of this month sometime, so that should be fun for a bit, then she's off to Maine for god knows what. Lobster fishing, or some kind of medical school, or something. Who can keep track.

After rolling home and taking a short food coma nap, I checked to see if the CoH servers were back up, and they were, so I popped in for some thug-burning. I'm not super social with random online game dorks, so I usually wind up playing these "multi-player" games solo, but I actually managed to run into a small team of people who didn't suck, and we caused some havok in the Paragon City crime scene for a little while. More superheros equals more head-busting. Which is a good thing. And BURNING! Some screenshots:

Salamandor standing around looking heroic.

Sal hovering around near the energy barriers.

Sal, the Liberateur, Tinker Belle, and the Repo Man, out kicking ass.

Busting up some zombie thugs in the sewers of Paragon.

Salamandor back up in the air, burninating rooftop bad guys.

So yeah, fun game. Pretty doomed, here. Sleeptime now.

(April 02, 2004 04:28 AM)
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