April 08, 2004

The insect assault is beginning. Mostly benign critters so far - junebugs carrying out their little suicide missions into the house, some fat moths here and there - but I'm going to try not to be completely surprised when the first wave of cockroaches shows up. There's really not much to do about it, short of exposing the entire property to a hard vacuum, barraging it with a strong dose of radiation for a week or two, then hermetically sealing the house and instituting a clean-room system for the coming and going. I guess that'd kill most of the plants, too, though. Well, no matter. There's bugs out there, there's all various manner of breaches in our perimeter, and they're going to get in.

After a little video game binge - Whiplash, and some City of Heroes - and the according schedule shift, I'm more or less heading back towards a human sleep cycle. As much as I enjoy staying up all night and sleeping through the sunlight hours, especially now that it's starting to warm up a good bit, it's just becoming impossible for me to get anything done like that. Too tired to really concentrate on anything that's not on a screen, or maybe get some reading in, but as far as producing anything worthwhile, no go. I've been working on the banjo some more too, which is also pretty much shut down at night, seein's how we got sleepers here and stuff. Ironically, the thing that forced me back into the real world was an appointment to do some blind user testing on the new Thief build at Ion Storm down here - it's coming along pretty well, lots better than last time, and it looks like there'll be a decent game there come summer.

But, I guess there's still plenty going on in the late hours - we got out to catch Jerm's show at the Carousel on Tuesday night, which was a blast. He played with his new band, the Total Foxes, who are very solidly ruling, and he also did a set with a keyboard player and a violinist, as the Flips, doing Flaming Lips cover songs. In between, there was an all-girl accordion/metal band, called the Darling New Neighbors, and John Erler bought me a beer, so I bought him one of their CDs. Jerm keeps saying, "hey, we should hang out!" and I keep being too lame to pick up the phone before the next show. Reckon I should do something about that.

(April 08, 2004 03:53 AM)
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