April 12, 2004

Well, Icky and Emily are back in Philadelphia - but not for long. They put a bid on a house today before they left. They had two or three picked out, and went for the most expensive one, which is also the one closest to town. The others were way up north in yuppie-ville, so, they should be pretty happy if they seal the deal. ("Expensive" is a pretty relative term here. Theirs isn't too terribly much more than ours was, and ours cost about half of what a one-bedroom apartment was going for when we left San Francisco. Austin plus plus!)

We also made it out to see Hellboy last night. It was okay. The script was really weak, but the acting was pretty decent overall, and it looked real pretty-like. Plus, it's Hellboy, so, that makes up for some, dammit.

Dave's been playing City of Heroes lately as well, and today he pinged me to let me know that he was in. So, I caught up with his hero - the Widow Maker - and we possed up with a few other likely looking characters and kicked some ass in the park. Our supergrounp - The Drifters - is now actually a group, instead of just me. Whee!

Widow Maker
Dave is the Widow Maker

today's team
Today's team of skull-crackers

After futzing around on the computer some, I went out back to my big pile of culled dead bamboo, and got to shucking. Cleaned off the crappy little stalks from forty or fifty canes, and wound up with a good sized pile of various-sized bamboo poles, in pretty good condition. I reckon I can figure something to do with them around the yard. Then we - meaning I - made a Home Depot run, got some wasp killer and hosed down a couple of wasp nests, got some tree sealer and sealed up a few bad cuts on one of the trees we had trimmed last year, and managed to get a bunch of it all over myself, requiring me to shave some beard to get the sticky gunk out. The big project was a big-ass curved and raised vegetable bed for Bernie. It's about fifty feet of cedar all around, a foot or so high. The ground is pretty rocky over that way, so it was sort of a pain to get it staked down, and the sun went down about half an hour before I finished, so there may be some stuff that's half-ass that I'll have to go back and fix up tomorrow, in daylight.

For me now, it's time for a shower, and then some pie and chai. Might play CoH some, read some, go to bed before too long. I've been beating myself in the brain with melatonin over the last few days, and I managed to get myself on a somewhat human schedule - sleep at one or two in the morning, wake up at nine or so - for a while, anyway. Let's see how long this spurt of wakefulness and productivity lasts.

(April 12, 2004 08:58 PM)
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