August 09, 2004

So, we spent the weekend in Houston with Dave and Mel, checking out the Diane Arbus exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts down there. My main motivation was actually to go to one of the only Ethiopian restaurants within a thousand miles or something (the Blue Nile, which kicked all kinds of ass), but the museum was pretty neat, too - I've seen most of her photos online and in books, but it was good to see them up close and in person. Arbus is an awesome photographer, but she's definitely got a schtick, and for me, seeing the fiftieth photo of a circus freak or a nudist or a retard in a halloween mask or some random creepy person isn't as interesting as reading through the notebooks of hers that they had on display and the like. Bernie and I also broke loose for an hour or so and did a quick run-through of the "Inverted Utopias: Avant-Garde Art in Latin America" exhibit over in the next building. I think I enjoyed that even more - the range of styles was impressive, and there were some pieces that really knocked your head around, sculptures that you really had to be there to see in person. We picked up their four hundred pound official book for the exhibit, so maybe I can track down some of these dudes and give them a more in-depth checkout.

The rest of Houston is pretty much what you'd expect - a sprawling urban suck-pit, sort of like LA, only without most of the cool stuff that makes LA just barely tolerable. There does seem to be a bit more diversity in neighborhoods and restaurants and so on, due to the huge population crammed into this paved-over wasteland, and I'm sure there are some gems tucked away here and there, but I'm really going to do my best to continue avoiding it for a while. Actually, I should swoop back down sometime to check out the other museums down there, especially the Museum of Natural History, but I don't want to make a habit of it, even though the drive down there isn't really too bad at all. Speaking of, Houston is also home to the absolute worst driving that I've ever seen - worse than Boston, and that's, you know, bad.

In other news, I deactivated my City of Heroes account today. I haven't really played in a month or two, and I don't think I'm going to be investing any more time in grinding away at the upper levels of things, so, goodbye monthly fee. I'm sure I can scrape up another game somewhere to occupy myself in the downtime.

Did I mention that I found some work? Yeah, I got a short contract with these guys doing some work that will actually exist in the real world, and not totally disappear when some marketing schmuck feels like he needs to justify his position again. The guys I'm working with are pretty rockin', too, which is a great change from the recent string of sometimes non-stellar (and sometimes non-paying) clients I've been humping for. Anyway, ruling, and right here, so hopefully they won't decide that I suck, and maybe hook up something again in the future. But hey, working good, getting paid good. Woo!

(August 09, 2004 12:43 AM)
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