August 19, 2004
dirty white people

This is not the way to make friends with me when I'm trying to get my favorite brand of sake at your obnoxious north austin sushi restaurant:

<waitress> Would you like a beer, too?
<me> What kind of sake do you have here?
<waitress> Oh, we have large, and small.
<me> Uh... okay.... wait, before you inexplicably disappear again... wait! Large!

Bonus points if you: 1) totally skip over me when taking food orders because you think the little guy at the end of the table can't possibly eat all the sushi he just ordered, 2) totally skip over me when taking drink orders, because someone else said they wanted beer, and you figured that we all did, 3) bring someone else a full drink menu when they ask you the complicated sake question. Fortunately, everything got straightened out, even if the person who made your menu can't spell. And hey, that was pretty tasty food - I'm just glad I'm not Jay.

(August 19, 2004 04:24 AM)
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