November 25, 2004

Hey, I finished my first official race this morning, a little five mile run, and already got my results in from that fancy computer chip thing they stuck on us. I finished in just a hair over an hour, so I'm getting about twelve minutes to the mile before. I guess that seems kind of slow, but considering that when we started in September, I couldn't even jog for five minutes at a time without feeling like I was dying, that's not too bad. The running on the road was a lot easier than our training runs along the trail, I think - the five miles today felt a lot better than some of the short three mile runs we've done. So, that marathon in February is starting to look a little bit more doable now.

After de-stinking and refueling a little, we went to Icky and Emily's for thanksgiving dinner. Eric's parents were out for the holiday, and they seemed really nice - I have no idea how they produced a psycho like Eric, but hey. Super tasty turkey and pecan pie and stuff, and then I had to make Icky cry like a little girl by schooling his sorry ass at DDR. More practice, white boy!

Now, a little more writing (only 7,000 out of 50,000 words this month to go!) and then a lot of sleep.

(November 25, 2004 09:55 PM)
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