March 14, 2005

If somebody pumped the Austin Convention Center full of sarin gas this weekend, the blogosphere would fall and shatter, and we could go back to just "writing" again. Did you see me just use that "b" word? Yeah, that's what happens when you get stuck in a building with these people for too long.

The conference has been pretty good so far, but I am looking forward to it being over, so I can get back to work - both on my two and a half paying jobs, and on a bunch of non-paying stuff that I really need to get myself back into. Speaking of non-paying, I'm running in and out of the Austin Game Developers booth at the trade show this year - one of the organizers called us up at the last minute and gave us a free table, so my partner in crime Quoc and I spent the week running around like crazy trying to get stuff together, printing up banners and pamphlets, contacting local studios and colleges to help out with demos, schwag, and manning the fort. It's been pretty bad ass so far, and we're making lots of new contacts, so it should be an exciting next couple of months on that front.

I'd go into summaries of all the panels and talks I've seen the last few days, but I think the ever present nerds clacking away on their laptops and treos have pretty much got that covered. The after-fun hasn't been as hopping for me as it was last year, but that's mostly because I'm being lame and going home early and sleeping and stuff. I should have stuck with my peeps at Handwire the other night - they got to hang out with Frodo and his iPod on Saturday. Bastards.

(March 14, 2005 01:59 AM)
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