April 02, 2005

Today was our second (and third, it turned out) sculling lesson. It was pretty windy this morning, and the water was too choppy for us noobs, so we just went over more stuff about the boat parts, how to adjust everything and fix stuff up just right, and watched some pretty ridiculous safety and technique videos. But, now we're all official and everything, and we can just head down to the boathouse any time we want, haul a boat out, and start rowing. Which sounds pretty okay to me.

Aside from that little diversion on the waterfront, it's been either cranking on or getting stressed about all the work I've gotta do. Hopefully, I can scale back to just one client for a while, because this kind of sucks. Also, Nick and Alex came over to help us put down some sod for a new little lawn area in the back of the house, so, that was a good chunk of the day doing yardy stuff and clearing out a bunch of bamboo to make room and whatnot. The lawn looks pretty good, though, and Bernie seems pretty happy with it, which is also good.

We took the night off last night to catch Sin City at the new South Lamar Drafthouse. Holy crap, that ruled. I was kind of worried that they wouldn't be able to pull off the whole heavy comic book styling thing, but it came together really nicely. Pretty much all the performances were top notch, considering the hyper-boiled style, and Rodriguez totally owns the green box. You can tell that he's totally in love with the digital medium - he's like a kid with a cool new toy, running around the room, zooming and making the whooshing noises, and what comes out of the process is fried fucking gold. Suck on that, George.

(April 02, 2005 10:11 AM)
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