April 04, 2005

I think I'm over the legal limit on index cards now. Y'all can keep your foofy mole-a-skine-a notebooks, I get by just fine with a stack of cards and some of those forty-nine cent mead pocket notebooks. I'm all about trying to get into your little GTD thing, but really, I don't need to blow fifteen bucks on a little notebook that, sure, is almost too nice to actually use, but still is just a bunch of paper to make the squiggles on. Just make it go, man.

I think I'm getting more and more dyslexic as time ticks by. My theory is that my brain is kind of stuttering ahead of me, and I wind up writing or typing the letters in the middle of a word (or words in the middle of a sentence) before I manage to get the initial letters or words out. This is happening a lot, especially when I'm writing with the ink stick on the aforementioned paper products. Pretty frustrating. There's some way of making that stop, right?

Man, it's been a long-ass time since I did any work with Java. I'm trying hard to get into this whole Eclipse thing set up and running - it's pretty sweet, but it sure has a steep curve on the way up.

In other news, we had lunch at this place over on First Street today, Freddy's Place. Really good - it passed the tasty burger and fries test, and I'm looking forward to trying out their meatball sandwich and chili and whatnot. Also, it looks like they have some kind of happy hour deal once a week where they barbecue up a big slab of brisket, and give it away for free, until it's gone. That sounds like an idea that I can totally get behind.

(April 04, 2005 10:30 AM)
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