April 22, 2005

We flew into Las Vegas this morning, and boy are my arms tired. Because, you know, I brought a lot of books and stuff to read on the plane, so my backpack is really heavy. Not that I got a lot of reading done or anything - I was up until 5am or so finishing up some work for a client, uploaded my stuff, packed, and got about two hours of sleep before getting a ride to the airport. (Woo, Dave!) I still hate flying, but I got the valium hookup, so I crashed out for a bit, caught a little bit of some movie they had playing, landed safely, made it to our room in Paris, grabbed a burger, and crashed out for a bit more.

After a couple more hours of rest, we rallied a bit, and met Bernie's mom and her friend Pam downstairs at reception. We were a few minutes late, so Bernie's mom played the slot machines there a little while - and won $2500. Ding! So, more food, some horse talk (we're in town for some big horse show), walked around a bit, caught the water show across the street at Bellagio, took a ride up the eiffel tower to check out the lights from above, and then back to the room for more resting.

Television, by the way, is really weird these days. I don't remember it being this weird before. It's always entertaining to see what kind of completely crack-ass stuff they've got on cabel when we stay at a hotel or something. Oh, yeah, we got to see the hotel's TV system crash, too. Bluescreened, rebooted, went into some diagnostic stuff, and eventually made it back to their little menu application. Got some ips and ports, but they're on a different network than the broadband they give you in your room. Let me rephrase that - the broadband they charge you eleven bucks per day per computer for. Is this the goddamn 18th century or something? Come on, people! Running water, indoor plumbing, air conditioning, and wireless internet - is that too much to ask for? I knew I should have gotten one of those little wifi detector thingers - should have remembered, nothing's free in Vegas.

I need some canned air, too. The fans on this laptop suck, and tend to catch up and overhead if they get too dusty, which makes for a sad, sudden shutdown. Stupid computers.

(April 22, 2005 03:01 AM)
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