April 28, 2005

Whew, just spent two days putting together a textad system from scratch (inspired by the one at mefi) for AGD. Man, that was a lot of typing and stuff. It's something I've been meaning to build for a long time, and it's not too terribly complicated, but I think it came out nice. Plus, I had an excuse to dig into the backend API stuff that PayPal provides, and finally figured out how to get it to double-check stuff back there to verify purchases, and kick off scripts to do stuff when payments go through, yadda yadda. So, yeah, fun.

( The Power of Perl Compels You! )

I also picked up an enclosure (USB2.0) for this big-ass hard drive I've had lying around for a couple of weeks now. I'm trying to turn it into a much-needed backup system for this here linux box, but damned if I can get the system to recognize it as anything. I had another USB drive that worked fine with pretty much the exact same setup, but I'm not getting anything but guff from this little bastard. Now I remember why I was so anxious to make the move away from system administration - groveling over all the little arbitrary brokennesses of every stupid thing, just to get some basic functionality working. Bah. One day, you'll get yours, bitwad.

(April 28, 2005 11:45 PM)
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