May 06, 2005

Yesterday, my buddy Huff took his wife, Christine, to the hospital because she started having recurring abdominal pains, after many months of discomfort and swelling. At 5pm, the discovered that there was actually another whole human being that had somehow been implanted inside of her, and since it showed no sign of slowing its growth, decided that it would be better off living with them, in the outside world. I'm not sure if they've figured out what to call it yet, but my suggestion is just, "the boy". "Time to do your homework, The Boy!" "Fetch me another gin and tonic, The Boy!" "Aim for the head, The Boy, the head!" I'm sure they'll take my recommendations into consideration.

Anyway, Bernie had signed up to watch the other small human that was found inside of Christine a couple years ago, Malia, when the inevitable hospital trip occurred, so she spent the night over at their place last night, and I was feeling tired, so I got myself situated in the hammock and started in on the first few chapters of Chuck P's new book, Haunted, before falling asleep. Falling asleep 400 pages and six hours later, that is. Stupid writers, keeping me up all night. Also, it turns out that crunched up over a book in a hammock is not the ideal ergonomic position, so, I think my tooth advil is going to be doing double duty on some of my crippled old neck muscles today.

(May 06, 2005 02:00 PM)
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