May 12, 2005

I was planning on hitting a game night tonight, at the house of some folks that I just barely sort of know, but I didn't - there's some weird space-time warp over in the neighborhood to the west of us, and this is like the third time that I've had trouble finding a specific place over there. Well, that, and they're pretty casual with the whole street sign and house number thing over there. I did get out for a good half hour walk or so - the weather is great right now, not too warm yet, and it was right around dusk when I left. There are approximately seventy billion lightning bugs out there tonight. I thought someone had blinking christmas lights up in one yard, but no. Bugs. Bernie has had very limited experience with fireflies, for some reason, so I think she would have freaked out on this walk - in a good way. Instead, she's off with a bunch of caver chicks, rooting around underneath Austin for a few hours.

So, instead of playing games - which, by the way, I am totally not doing enough of lately - I'm putting these new free hours to work, getting stuff straightened up around here, maybe putting some time in on a few personal projects that have been languishing for a while. I've been kind of busy doing AGD stuff, getting ready for our general meeting last night, working with Quoc and the guys, talking to folks, all that fun stuff, and I've had a few hours of work here and there with my current gig. These guys, by the way, rock. I'm getting some semi-regular jobs from them, which pay pretty okay (and, more importantly, promptly!), and they really make working with them so completely not a pain in the ass. Totally sane about time/work/money scheduling issues, client management, working remotely, and so on. Dream client, really. It's not a whole lot of hours, though, and I could really stand to get some more paying work in there. So, if anyone out there needs a Perl slinger / Flash masta / game developer / HTML monkey, give a holler.

Also, buy Darwinia. It's a great little game, and they deserve your cash. I think that if you throw money at small developers like this, they make more of the same kind of ruling stuff, so, do it!

(May 12, 2005 09:56 PM)
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