May 19, 2005

We finally got out rowing again yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, I'm not too bright, and didn't adjust my calculations for sitting out in the sun for an hour around one o'clock instead of early in the morning, and as a result, I got my pasty ass sunburned all to hell. Mostly just my forearms, and the front of my legs, except for a couple of strange white patches on my knees and ankles, where I assume some peculiarity of the way one scoots around in the hull protects the moving bits from the deadly burning rays of the giant yellow eye. Anyway, yesterday, not so bad. Today, bad. Ow.

I'm starting up a slow-turn game of Lexicon with some friends, which should be fun. More may join later, which may be even more fun.

I was finishing up some pain in the ass Flash work, with some giant ugly animations, working on my laptop while I used my desktop machine for making the music noises, on account of the good-ish speakers over there. Swearing at the latest busted-ass Macromedia interface, and staring at the giant monitor next to me, a thought desperately claws its way through my thick skull. Yeah, another big patch of screen real estate makes life a lot easier - two monitors makes a huge difference in productivity, here. One for the messy timeline jiggery-pokery, and one for my actionscript editing environment and other various computer-like tools. Don't know why it never struck me to do that before. Like I said, not too bright. The one drawback is that the dual monitor setup slightly cripples the whole Fitt's Law thing on that side of the screen, but I think that's a fair tradeoff for the extra awesomeness.

(May 19, 2005 12:09 AM)
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