May 20, 2005

Hey, it looks like I've got a solid gig all through June, starting on Monday! Through a series of convoluted misadventures, I've picked up a month-long, full time contract job at Frog here, helping to put the finishing touches on a demo for a super-secret mobile thinger. Sounds like a decently interesting and fun project, and the guys that I'll be working with seem to have it together pretty well, too, which is always a bonus. Plus, getting paid is quite welcome at this point - the room that serves as our office at the house is in dire need of painting, re-carpeting, re-shelving, and general making to not suck, and it turns out that people charge for that kind of thing. We should also get a coat of paint on the outside of the house before it becomes too hot for humans to operate outside without environment suits, and it looks like these things may be possible now. Joy abounds.

The main drawback here is that I'm almost definitely going to be working on-site, nine to six, five days a week, except for the first week, where I get to make my way downtown for training at seven in the morning. That's A.M. Barbaric, I know. As I was heading in for the interview today, I caught the receptionist heading out to lunch. She confided to me her relief that today was Friday - it took me a moment to realize that this was because it represented the end of the work week for her. I got the look I always get when I reply to these comments, "Oh yeah, I guess it is Friday, huh?" I'm guessing that I'm going to come to sympathize with these folks a bit more by the time July 1 rolls around. I just hope the whole working in my underwear thing doesn't freak too many people out over there. Unless it gets too hot, of course - then all bets are off.

I spent the rest of the afternoon running around taking care of various bits and pieces, and then headed over to Freddie's for burgers and beer with Bernie, Dave, Mel, and some of Mel's coworkers. A bunch of the guys from Handwire turned up there, too, having just abused their retinas with some sci-fi movie or other - Dave, it turns out, had just accepted a full time gig over there at Handwire, so, that's pretty cool. We were planning on heading over to the Church of the Friendly Ghost to see their shut-down party (stupid neighborhood music-hating goody-goodies!) with Jerm and the Total Foxes and the Darling New Neighbors, but I made the mistake of taking my boots off when we got home, and the meat and pie in my belly got the best of me, and I spent the rest of the evening lying around, reading and whatnot. Lame old people.

(May 20, 2005 10:47 PM)
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