June 03, 2005

So, yesterday was my first "real" day in the office at frog - the last week (where I'd been getting up at 5am) was pretty much all training with the Flash guy I'm replacing (I think they're calling my position here a "Design M-something Technician", or DMT, which is pretty funny) and we were mostly holed up in one office or another, so's not to disturb the rest of the worker bees on the floor. Now I'm back to "regular" 9-6 hours (just a side note - when did that stop being 9-5?) and I'm out at Jared's desk while he's away. (I don't think I got the full story in before - I'm taking over his position for the last month of a project he's been working on for two years, because he's going to be on a reality show for three months where they drop a bunch of people in a ranch house out in the middle of East Texas in 1860. We were working the early shift last week because he had to leave early every day for horse riding lessons. Wacky, huh?) Anyway, going back to trying to work in an open office plan is going to take a little bit of adjusting - I've been pretty spoiled for the last few years, working in the office I've put together at home. I've got all my stuff set up how I like it there, all my reference books and my little work system in the right place, and the relative quiet and privacy that allows your average ADD tech worker to concentrate a bit. Well, yeah - gonna be some adjusting, here. And, lucky me, after my first day out in the GP, I wake up with that scratchy little tickle in my throat that tells me that a round of some random head-sickness is on the way. I'm sure it has nothing to do with being stuck in a giant germ-box with at least one person with a chronic hacking cough. I mean, really, I'm just about the least germ-phobic person I know - that five-second rule is really just a low-ish guideline for me - but sometimes it just amazes me that half of the American work force isn't out sick all the time from whatever is being circulated in these plague-farms people get themselves stuck in every day.

Anyway. The folks here seem cool, and I've talked to a few people who seem pretty darn smart, and the place has that "good old days" dot-com feel to it, with the foosball and the xbox and the hipness and whatnot, so spending a month here won't be all that bad. The work seems like it might shape up to be pretty fun, overall, too, so, yeah. Back to it.

(June 03, 2005 09:24 AM)
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