June 23, 2005

I'm not dead or lost in the woods, hiding from people who come out to look for me, just really super busy. I'm smack in the middle of this full-time gig at frog, about to start the second half of some educational flash stuff for forgefx, and just starting to teach an intro to game programming class at ACC - which I found out that I was actually teaching less than a week before the class started, giving me approximately zero prep time to put together any kind of lesson plan or anything. So, yeah. Busy. Oh yeah, and still trying to make myself useful to AGD, with the board meetings, and educational panels, and economic impact studies and whatnot. My usefulness there lately mostly consists of poking the website now and then, and nodding a lot at meetings, but, you know. Oh yeah, and that sooper seekrit startup thing. And trying to squeeze money out of my deadbeat cousin, who's still not paying his student loans. And... Dammit, people, I have video games to play! I mean... research to perform! Important research!

(June 23, 2005 10:30 AM)
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