June 24, 2005

Hey, lookit that. Delicious added a thinger to automatically post whatever you added to your bookmarks to your Movable Type blog every day, and it looks like it works. I use delicious a lot, since I'm moving between at least three computers all the time, at home and at the office here, so this is probably going to be happening pretty frequently. Now it looks like I'm posting, when I'm really just being lazy! Yay internets!

(Also, don't forget about the daily link puke from #noisier. More stuff from more of the usual gang of idiots, only with a dramatically increased likelihood of urls and commentary containing profanity, pornography, and general sedition. View at your own risk. Do not click before consulting a physician. Pregnant women and people with heart conditions should avoid the #noisier blog at all costs.)

(June 24, 2005 09:30 AM)
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