June 25, 2005
big daddy

Stayed a few hours extra at the office, to get some stuff done for the big meeting on monday for the big meeting on tuesday, and to make up an hour or so from thursday, when I needed to leave early to put together a lesson plan for my class - which, it turns out, makes things go much more smoothly. Got home, had the "what are we doing for food" conversation, the answer to which turned out to be, "we're going to the Alamo to see Land of the Dead, right now!" Excellent zombie pre-show, the usual tasty foodstuff, and a pretty darn good movie, overall. Not in the top five or so zombie movies, but totally enjoyable, if a little heavy-handed with the social/political angle. I missed the Shaun of the Dead guys, but Tom Savini got to do a little undead ass-kicking, which sent the audience into fits. I love the Alamo.

Today was AGD meetings, working on direction, and how to grow our membership, and what's going on with the economic impact study, and what we're presenting to the advisory board next week, the usual. Still pretty fun, still pretty excited about what we're doing and where we're going with stuff. Afterwards, I braved the wilds of Westlake to check out a new comics and game store, to scope it out, see if they would be interested in letting us put flyers up, or sponsor stuff, or work with us somehow. The guy there was totally friendly and helpful, and I reckon something can be worked out. I couldn't go away empty handed, so I picked up a couple packs of this interesting-looking little pirate game, came home, and spent some time putting together little plastic ships, before hunkering down for some reading and research.

Tonight, hopefully get some documentation cranked out; tomorrow, get an early start on my lesson plans for next week, so I don't have to completely stress out and try to cram something together in the short hours directly before the class. Should be a pretty packed week again, between finishing up my contract at frog, classes, meetings in the evenings, and... yeah, that should keep me busy for a while.

(June 25, 2005 11:07 PM)
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