July 05, 2005

Today marks my first day of work at a full-time for-real job since I left Organic in September of 2000. It was a good run for a while there, but the Man got his hooks in me again, and sometimes that's the way it goes. Must be quick about it now - I only have a few minutes to show the new butler where to install the diamond-encrusted hot tub we just ordered, before my limo shows up to take me to the new gig. Goodbye, independent webernets programmer, hello Senior Design Technologist! Yeah. Anyway, should be an eventful week.

Used my last night of freedom yesterday to skip the traditional ostentatious displays of crass nationalism, and holing up and cranking out a new little terrain generator in Flash - this one makes rivers and stuff, and it ain't too bad for a few hours of dicking around with actionscript and whatnot. Took the opportunity to watch Resident Evil: Apocalypse and the olde Lathe of Heaven PBS movie again. They both stand well as fine examples of, mmmm, well, what they are. Tonight, after class, we've got a date with Bruce Campbell at the new Alamo down here. Beep beep! Limo's here! Gotta scram!

(July 05, 2005 08:49 AM)
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