August 31, 2005

Now that I'm not teaching, and not working every spare hour, I can take some time to get back to my old habits, and hit Jerm's little variety show every other Tuesday at the Carousel Lounge! In my absence, the Total Foxes have switched bass players - Gary was pretty darn badass there, but he's playing a lot with someone else, so Jerm brought in Corey from Sheboygan (the band, not the city), who's keeping up with the new craziness just fine. Stacey drummed for the opener, then the Foxes as usual, and then a short break while a drunk guy who was giving her a little too much attention from behind the snare was ejected, and then a surprise appearance by who I assume must be one of the owners of the bar. She came up to the mic, and launched into a little harangue about the blue language used during the performance, how she thought she was hearing things, because she's been working there for seventeen years and her family has owned the place for forty-three, and they've never allowed such filth in their establishment. Must have been sixty or seventy, with copper clown hair, way too much lady makeup, red pumps and black fishnets, straight out of a David Lynch movie. She warned Jerm that if the language continued, the cops could come and arrest them all for obscenity and so on. And then, the improv comedy group Tight came on and did a few bits with the band, with a minimum of cursing. Well, technically, anyway. And then, the Family Feud, and then we had to leave before we were done, so we migrated down to the Horseshoe Lounge down south of the river, and spread wacky joy and freakishness to the denizens there. They were not expecting such frivolity, to say the least. More beers, and then a walk home around 2:30am, and the night was at an end.

Now, at work, and pretty tired. If I could just grab a nap for an hour or so, I'd be significantly more productive, but there's really not anywhere inconspicuous here to zonk out for a bit, so, more coffee! Wooo!

(August 31, 2005 10:51 AM)
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