February 26, 2006

So hey, check it out. In case you hadn't already heard me whining about it, majcher.com had a catastrophic disk failure a week or two ago, and fell down, going "boom". Much swearing and stressing went into recovering as much data as possible. Lots of stuff is from a three-month old backup, because the primary one decided to get all assy on me. Everything is still not back in the place for proper operation, but at least there's a semblance of workiness going on now. If you're one of the folks that depends on this machine to get shit done, you have my apologies - holler if there's something that needs to be fixed, and if I can get to it, I'll try to make it go.

In other news, I've been doing lots of stuff. Overcommitted, you might say. Details will inevitably follow.

(February 26, 2006 03:01 AM)
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