March 02, 2006

Hey, yeah, like Nadine says. Graduation show on Monday at 8pm at the Hideout, five bucks, come on down and bring friends, and so on. And everything else she says there applies to me close to one hundred percent, too. Crazy crazy.

Last night, I made it out to see Rich Vogel talk about making MMO development more efficient and cost-effective. It's always good to see Rich speak, but at this point, for me at least, it was pretty much all going over stuff that everyone really should know already. Feature/cost/schedule balance, communication within and between teams and disciplines, building tools and getting pipelines set up, iterative development, and so on. I think my brain is full - I feel like I've got all this knowin' how to do stuff in my head, but I don't really get the chance to use it in a professional setting. I'm still basically stuck doing small chunks of things, or one-person projects, or dredging through other people's old code to unbreak things and bolt on new bits on the fly, and all for projects that I really don't care about at all, one way or the other. Gotta make some kind of change, soon.

So yeah, although I've been running around crazy for the last month or two, I've also been taking a look at what I've been doing, and what I'd like to be doing, and trying to push and pull my schedule and responsibilities to more accurately reflect doing stuff that I really want to do. I've been having a good time working with the AGD, and teaching the Intro to Game Programming class at ACC, but it looks like AGD stuff is going to be winding down for a bit, in a way, and I've told Bob that I won't be able to teach the summer semester due to other plans. (I'll be going to SF for a four day Keith Johnstone workshop, and heading up to Seattle for PAX, and so on.) I'm definitely spending more time these days on improv, but I really need to buckle down and grind out the other projects that I've got simmering on the sidelines, too. After this last bout of frantic has fully subsided, I think that's what's going to happen. Yep. This time, for sure.

(March 02, 2006 10:22 AM)
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