April 09, 2006

Tonight was the second time that I've performed in the Maestro show down at the Hideout - my first time was last weekend. It is a blast. The way the show works is very gamey - players are chosen at random do play improv games or do short scenes, and the audience gives each performance a score, by applause, of one, two, three, four, or five. There are a few rounds where everyone gets to go up and play, people are eliminated, and by the end, there is one winner, the Maestro, who receives the famous framed Canadian five dollar bill. We've had at least one person from IFE in pretty much every show since we got together (last week, Mike won!) so tonight, it was me and Jason. We had an awesome show, and got to do some kickass scene with each other, and with some other great improvisers - there was ten or so people in the show tonight - and almost all of our scenes got fours and fives. Neither of us won - although we were on stage up until the very end - but that doesn't matter, it's just super fun to be up there.

Jason and I also attended Shana's advanced storytelling workshop this afternoon, which rocked. Got to solidify a lot of stuff we already sort of knew, and got to work on a bunch of new stuff, including doing a full-on epic hero's journey type long-ish form with the other folks in the class, who were mostly from The Leading Brands another red-hot up-and-coming troupe. So yeah, good stuff. We've got rehearsal tomorrow afternoon (which is very convenient for me, as there will be a baby shower for a friend happening at our house...), and we're looking forward to being on the regular performance schedule at the Hideout sometime in May or so. We've all been spending an awful lot of time working together, and I think we're going to be doing some pretty badass shows real soon now. Now, if only there was a way to get paid to do this, we'd be all set...

(April 09, 2006 02:08 AM)
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