April 10, 2006
beer volcano

Hey, I tracked down the magic linux incantation to make ImageMagick work on Fedora Core 4! Now I can finally spend too much time getting all those photos back in order! Uh... yay.

On a more entertaining note, I've just had a couple days of really good improv classes, with a miserable rehearsal sandwiched in between. Well, maybe not totally miserable, but it definitely showed us where our major weaknesses are, and we realize that we've been a little too ambitious with our goals for our first show, so we've decided to scale back a little bit, and focus on some simpler stuff that we know we can really kick ass at. The classes, though - there was Shana's class from Saturday, and our level four with Dave Buckman tonight was awesome - everyone was totally on, and I think a couple of breakthroughs were made, structure-wise and character-wise for a few of us. We were a bit down after our train wreck of a practice show at rehearsal (and our whiter-than-white attempt at freestyle) but we had our re-focusing talk, and I think that IFE is back on track to come out strong next month.

Oh! Right! We're doing an end-of-class show at the Hideout - 4/23, 7pm. That should be plenty of warning for you lazies who haven't made it out yet. It should be extra-entertaining, because most of us will be poppin' fresh out of that two day physical comedy/clown workshop - it ends at 6pm same day, same place. Wakka wakka!

Now I need to take a fistful of analgesics to put down this face-splitter of a headache I've had all night...

(April 10, 2006 11:26 PM)
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