April 14, 2006

Last night, I captured a wasp in the house. We generally have a catch-and release program for critters, but this one was very angry, and would most likely come back with some friends to exact his stingy revenge. So, the insurgent had to be executed. One minute in the microwave, no parole.

Taught my third-to-last game programming class at ACC last night. I'm not going to be teaching the class this summer, due to travel and other random responsibilities. It's been a good experience so far, but I feel like we're kind of in coasting mode right now - we went pretty quick this time, as the students were a little more experienced in the ways of programmy this time around, so I blew through my material a bit faster than I'd planned to, and I'm back to the old bad way of asking what they'd like to see, and then sitting in the middle and coding live on the projector while narrating and illustrating as I go. Not the absolute worst way to do things, but it sure is less engaging than I'd like. It also sounds like there's not a lot of motorvation on the class projects, either, but we'll see what they've got for me in the next few weeks...

It's some pagan holiday today, so I've got work off. So, we're driving down to Port Aransas to observe the wedding of my cousin Alex to his lady friend Tiffany. Drive drive drive, wed, party, rest, drive drive drive. Should be fun.

There are other surprises in various stages in the pipe, but they're surprises. Ha!

Also, I'd just like to mention that I have a huge Internet crush on Google Calendar. It's so dreamy.

(April 14, 2006 01:19 PM)
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