April 23, 2006

Whew. Busy day yesterday, mostly with the improv and stuff. Started off with three hours of rehearsal with the IFE kids, plus Bob from our level 4 class with Dave Buckman, because we're ramping up for our (FREE!) graduation show at the Hideout tonight. Took an hour or two for lunch, and then most of us headed to the first of two clowning classes with Schave and Reilley, which was great, and probably more exercise than a lot of us have had in a while. I swear, even just the warmup was a pretty good ass-kicking, and the physicality and character work that we learned will serve us very well in our upcoming performances. I think it's really fun that a bunch of us are taking (and some teaching) classes in a bunch of different theater styles - it should really help differentiate IFE from the usual "guys standing up on a stage in jeans and tshirts trying to be clever" thing. It also helps that there's a pretty sizeable improv community here in Austin, with a shitload of super talented and supportive people to learn from.

After the clowning, Jason and I hopped in his brand new car, and he gave me a ride over to Huff's house for a baby shower/BBQ for our friend Emily, where it was discovered that yes, a shot of whiskey does make one of those Starbuck's frappumochawhatever thingers into a tastey candy coffee treat. Then another break to freshen up and get ready for Maestro, which was one of the best shows we've done in while, and the Maestros that I've seen/been in lately have been pretty darn good. There was talk of trying to do the show for a while with as much of the same cast as possible for the next few weeks, instead of the usual random collection of imps, and just polish the hell out of our games and see how much ass we can kick. Which would be a lot, I'm guessing. (Also, I think my buddy Jerm is going to come play with us next week, which should be a hoot.) After the show, everyone headed over to Roy's house for his birthday party, which was still humming along when I left around 3am. Rotten kids with their not being old, and the staying up late after doing shit all day.

Today, back to the Hideout for the second clown class, our 7pm show, and probably some frivolity afterwards. I've also got some work to do sometime befor monday, but now, I think a nap is in order. And food. Food nap.

(April 23, 2006 10:00 AM)
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