April 24, 2006
corn dog

Whew. I'm sore everywhere today. The muscles in my hands are sore, even, and I didn't really touch a computer at all this weekend. We finished off our clowing class yesterday afternoon - we started off with the same warmup as the day before, which left most of us gasping and sweating. Slacker improvisors. We covered a lot of good character-building stuff - which worked pretty much the exact opposite from the way we usually do stuff, so that was a great exercise - and then went on to some slapstick and short scene ("gag") formats, and incorporated the characters that we'd built up into those scenes, using the hits and trips and takes and reactions and everything to put together a bunch of two-person thingers at the end. Lots of fun, and pretty useful, I thought.

Almost immediately after the class, the IFE segment of the class stuck around to warm up and do a quick run-through of the stuff for our 7pm graduation show. Nadine was sick with the same sore throat and junk that everyone's been getting, but after maybe fifteen minutes of running through the games and scenes, everyone's energy was back up again, and we went out and put on a great show - half games, half scenes. A lot of other improvisors came out to support us in the audience (woo, Parallelogramophonograph, represent!), and the show went extremely well, all around - everyone was totally on, our edits and support were pretty good, and although we maybe let some details slide here and there, everyone on stage was connecting, and we had a lot of fun with it all. Dave Buckman totally whooped our asses into shape over the previous six weeks, and I'm looking forward to more of the same in our upcoming classes.

We were thinking of heading out to grab some pasta for a celebratory dinner afterwards, but I think we were all pretty spent from the full weekend of running around crazy like, so the going home and the resting. And now, back to work. Fun joy fun.

(April 24, 2006 09:31 AM)

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