April 26, 2006

Last night, Karaoke Apocalypse. Kareem and Valerie from P-Graph showed early, and Eric from The Leading Brands came just before Jason showed up from taking first place in the Air Guitar Championships at the Alamo Drafthouse. Sweet! The Dead Motley Sex Maidens' lead guitarist was out, and Mel wasn't hosting, on account of she's got a bunch of thousands of words to finish up for her book (cvoid-clone Everett filled in for he), but fun was still had by all. I got up and did three songs (Holiday in the Sun, California Uber Alles, and Enter Sandman), and got home a bit late, deaf and hoarse.

Speaking of, I'm pretty sure that a horse kicked me in the back at some point in the last couple of days, because my back is all seized up and making with the hurty. I finally broke down tonight and dug into our emergency stash of vicodin, but it's not doing much good. So, lots of laying still and playing with my new Brain Age game. Bernie is also really tired and loagy lately, too, on account of a sudden and directed expenditure of energy, so there's a whole lot of not moving too fast going on around here. And still, got work to finish up before bedtime. I sure picked the wrong year to give up smoking crack.

(April 26, 2006 09:50 PM)
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