May 04, 2006

Well, that's some storm we got there, huh? Darn near split that tree next to the house out back clean down the middle. I reckon the tree guys are gonna be pretty busy the next couple of days, cleaning all this up. And it ain't over yet. Still got the high winds and thunder and lightning and enough water to drown a bus full of possums. Yup.


We had the last - short - video game programming class over at ACC tonight, where my students showed off some of their final projects. Some worked, some needed fixing, and some are still late, but overall, stuff looks pretty good, time and whatnot considered. While it was a fun class to teach, and the students were on it for the most part, I'm pretty glad to be done with it for a while. Just one three-hour class a week really takes up a lot of mental space that I could be putting to better use these days.

Speaking of taking up a lot of time and mental space, improv is still going full on. We've been rehearsing like crazy, and I think we're totally psyched and ready for our first real show as a troupe at the Hideout next Friday. I was planning on taking a week or so off from Maestro after a lackluster show last week, but they're running low on performers again, and the current lineup looks pretty good, so I'll most likely be on stage again this Saturday, too. Then there's the upcoming level 5 class with Bob McNichol sometime soon, an impending camping trip, planning for the trip out to SF for the Johnstone workshop in August, possibly another six-week class with Shana Merlin to do more improvised singing stuff, and rumors of another troupe forming out of some combination of that stuff in the coming months.

I've really been trying to limit myself to two nights a week or so of improv, but it's rough. Especially with stuff like those crazy kids Parallelogramophonograph getting regular gigs with Jerm at his show at the Carousel - now I got double extra reason to go. So, I'm currently averaging... three or four nights a week, counting shows, classes and rehearsals. Which, with the ACC class, a trickle of game development related stuff, the occasional bit of side work, and the barest modicum of socializing and gaming, leaves me pretty tired. Waugh. Who knew that having fun could be so much work?

(May 04, 2006 11:19 PM)
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