May 07, 2006

So, I've been in varying degrees of excruciating pain all week from this nasty whatever is was that I did to my back sometime. Usually, I can go for a walk for an hour or so and shake it off, take some advil or something, but it's really been a bitch this time around. I just about self-destructed at work on Friday, the back pain making every other muscle in my body sore, going up my neck and causing the old railroad spike in the face headaches, which is enough like a migrane to make me nauseous, and so on.

I think it's getting better, though - I skipped gaming at Great Hall on Friday to stay home and lay flat, and I've been hitting the Excedrin and Skelaxin hard enough to beat my back into submission long enough to... go play Maestro tonight. And, of course, I get a scene where I'm doing two dances with Mo and Sara - one where I portrayed the opression of the Jews as Moses parted the Red Sea, and one where I represented the third breast of that alien chick from Total Recall. Just the thing to loosen up a bad back. Hey, at least I got a Mexican Coke out of the deal. Good show all around, though - there were about as many people in the audience as there were performers, but the energy was good throughout, and everyone involved had a lot of fun. A bunch of us were going to take a break for a week or so, after a couple of lackluster shows, but we were running low on improvisers tonight, so some of us IFE guys stepped up, along with a few other folks, and filled it out nicely.

Tonight, some more writing and working, tomorrow, maybe some more Seven Leagues with the Renegades, and a bit more laying flat and writing. Monday night is rehearsal, Tuesday night is a bit of work and/or the jam at the Hideout (depending on how much work gets done), another IFE rehearsal on Wednesday, maybe, and a meeting with a client on Thursday, then the big opening show for Improv For Evil on Friday night! Another busy week, yay.

(May 07, 2006 12:36 AM)
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