May 15, 2006

Giles (of Steve Jackson Games, until recently) sent me an invite to come over and play Werewolf with a bunch of people yesterday. I haven't played in a while - it takes a good deal of effort just to get four or five people together to play a regular rpg/board game, much less the dozen or so that are needed for a decent round of werewolf or mafia - so I accepted eagerly. I think we had about nine or ten players out of an expected twenty or so (including the esteemed Mr. Schubert), but it went really well. It's always interesting to observe a fresh batch of nerds, and the game was a lot of fun. I had to leave "early", but I got in a good five or six games - only one of which I was on the losing side of, I might add. I did get strung up quite a bit though. I think I'm a much better werewolf than I am a villager - not sure what that means, but there you go.

Other than the game, got some client work done this weekend (getting back into Flash and Actionscript after doing C++ for about six months is mighty weird, I tell you what), signed some papers for the job, and hit Showgirls at the Sinus show on Saturday. Wow. That movie never fails to leave me struck, not necessarily by awe, but, man. I'm not sure the boys can do it justice, because it's such a train wreck on its own, but, a good time was had by all.

I think my back pain has finally run its course - I've switched to these lumpy bumpy sandal instead of my flat-ass styley Fleuvogs, and I think it's helping. Time for new shoes, no doubt. And some red pants. Soon.

(May 15, 2006 09:50 AM)
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