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May 21, 2006

Caught the finale of The Great Mundane at the Hideout on Friday. Good show, considering that they had a bit of a break to lose continuity - it had a slow start, but ramped up and finished up with a whirlwind of neck snapping, strain curing, and exploding cyborgs. Looking forward to getting the DVD.

Skipped the big party afterwards to geek out over at Great Hall Games with the Austin Stink. I finally got to play Colossal Arena with Mischa and Dan and company, followed by a rousing little game of Cape Horn. Then, of course, instead of heading back to the party, I hung out in the parking lot (and later, headed over to IHOP) to talk about game design and general nerdery. Nerd, nerd, nerd.

Speaking of skipping parties, I skipped a going-away barbeque for Huff yesterday, to stay home and Get Shit Done(tm). I wound up actually getting a lot of shit done, mostly organization and backing computer stuff up and finishing off little bits and pieces and odds and ends here and there - none of which, naturally, was for anything that anyone's paying me for. But, yeah. Good.

Then, being Saturday, I did my usual bit in Maestro, and only missed winning by a half second or so. I was up last with Kacey Samiee, and we kept gettind tied scores through four games/scenes or so - we did an emotional little scene together where I was cutting off her limbs for some reason, we did solo scenes (that were a little gaggy, but eh), we played the Hat Game for two out of three, and wound up in a tie again somehow, so they just had us play rock-paper-scissors for the win - and we both threw paper. I threw just a second late though, so she walked away with the Canadian five dollar bill... this time. It was a great show all around, although we had a couple of new (or new-to-us, anyway) directors (Jeremy Lamb and Valerie Ward) that were trying some experimental things out, to change up and improve the show. Some went pretty okay, some not so okay, but overall I think most people enjoyed the show, and we learned some important stuff about what works and what doesn't. Fun, fun.

But the weekend doesn't stop there, oh no. Today was two food-related birthday events. First up was a brunch for Shana's birthday, with a whole mess of improvisors and associated personages; it turns out that a lot a bunch of people in the scene work at Enspire, where I'll be starting work on the first of the month, so I got to chat with them a little about my impending employment there. I also put in another pitch to try to get a new prospect, Madeline, to join up with IFE, but I'm not sure she's going for it. Which is a shame, because we played together some in Maestro, too, and she's really talented, and a lot of fun.

After the brunch, I squeezed in a little more work before heading over to my sister Katie's birthday party, hung out with all her lady friends and ate way too many cupcakes. She just finished up her boards yesterday, and she's off to San Francisco for a year or so before coming back to Austin (I think) to hang for a while. Afterwards, we rolled back down to South Austin to grab some orange ices at Amy's, and stopped over to Aunt Kathy's house to tell her in person that we're pregnant.

Oh yeah, we're pregnant. Due in early December-ish. Woo!

Okay, time for sleep. Got to get up early to make with the tree guy who's coming over to chop up this tree in the yard - we lost the big hackberry in the back during the storm last week. Then, over to the county clerk's office to take care of some business...

(May 21, 2006 11:50 PM)

You're what! Holy crap! Wow!

I just realized I haven't SEEN you guys in something like nine years.

Posted by: Cindy on May 29, 2006 09:44 PM
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