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May 27, 2006
rose garden

Last day at frog! Woo, unemployed! For a few days, anyway.

IFE was the host troupe at the Hideout last night, which means that we got to take care of the box, lights and sound, cleaning up, bringing beer and snacks, and hosting the three shows for the night. I did my first time in the light and sound booth for the threefer show (featuring Parallelogramophonograph, ColdTowne, and Tight), and ... well, got better as the show progressed. Pretty stressful, for just making lights and sounds happen. All the buttons and switches and cords and blinky things are too much for my squishy brain. After playing some warmup games out on the catwalk, I also hosted the Cagematch (between the Dark Blood Lords and Conspiracy Butter), which I did a totally piss-poor job at - I wasn't familiar with the format, and didn't really have time to do any kind of run-through with anyone who did, but, the show happened, and everyone had a hell of a time anyway. I also got to hang out and chat with my friend Sara, who's getting to do some animation for an upcoming movie adaptation of Flatland, which I think is super exciting.

Speaking of, we're heading off to the park to get married by our good friend David Moses. Like, right now. Seeya!

(May 27, 2006 11:38 AM)
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