May 30, 2006

Man. Woke up at 7am to take Bernie over to her mom's hotel, so they could watch the triathalon. The plan was to go back to sleep for a while, but I sat down and started poking at the start of a python/pygame project, and didn't. Apart from an ice cream break (mmmm, Amy's) and some quick showering and snacks, I was pretty much heads-down until midnight. I leveraged some of the work I put together for the Intro to Video Game Programming class I taught at ACC, but I did some major reorganization and refactoring of the libraries and application architecture, so things are a bit easier to work with now. (Python, by the way, for all its touting as such a simple, elegant language, is just as jacked up as any other scripting language, just in different ways. Anyone who says otherwise is either blind, lying, or has never used anything else...) So, basic major functionality in, separation and setup, state machines, config file loading, image pipeline and display rendering junk, user input controls and response, all that. There's probably a lot more code, volume-wise, than is absolutely needed to prop up an application framework, draw some junk on the screen, and move a little guy around, but this is all pretty modular and reusable, so it's all worthwhile. It's been too long since I've gotting into one of those forget-to-eat programming grooves; this little three-day vacation between jobs is very, very nice.

I have a short list of things to take care of tomorrow (appointment with the doc, do a little maintenance on the bike, some paperwork for Enspire, a few tiny bits of client stuff, and a few store-type errands), so I can probably get a few more hours of work in on the game (Wu Xing), and then it's off to rehearsal, and maybe some Karaoke Apocalpyse after. No work until Thursday, woo!

Oh, yeah. IFE has a show at the Hideout on Thursday with ColdTowne at 8pm, so come on down, if you're in town.

(May 30, 2006 12:55 AM)
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