May 31, 2006

Bernie and I went in for our genetic counseling today, which basically involved going in to have a chat about our family history and various screening options with a nice doctor lady, followed by a sonogram in a dark room with a really nice tv. They did some measuring of bits and pieces and ran some numbers with all that and some previously taken bloodwork, and compounded with Bernie's age, decided that there was a bit of risk for various things, so we're going in to do an amniocentesis in a few weeks, just to be sure. And by we, I mean that Bernie's going to get stuck with a big-ass needle while I watch the little alien dude on the video screen. Oh yeah, they saw a little thinger on the science machine, so it looks like it's going to be a manchild. I'll get some scans of the scans up before too long.

After a quick break for lunch, I headed over to IFE rehearsal for our show on Thursday with the gang. We ran through some warmups, scenework and support stuff, did some singing and freestyle games, and finished up on a high note with a really good mock show in our brand new format, the Apocalypse. We're actually shooting for actual long form, it looks like, but it went great - the world was destroyed by the Christmas Pox, and we managed everything really well, didn't heighten too fast, developed characters and relationships and story and kept everything straight and blah blah blah and finished up right on time. I think we're ready to release this in front of a live audience tomorrow! (Thursday is tomorrow now!) Unfortunately, Mike isn't going to be able to make it - he's got some kind of janky neurological disorder that's been acting up, and he's in no condition to be moving around and stuff, which is super sucky. It sounds like we're going to be able to get Christina to fill in for him though, which is pretty exciting. It'll all work out.

After rehearsal, Jason and Matt and I went over to Headhunter's for some Karaoke Apocalypse, and hooked up with Eric and Sara (from the Leading Brands) to do some screaming and rocking out. I did the usual round of Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys and Misfits, and Jason and I pretty much hung out and hollered until they threw us out. Dave showed up at the last minute, and did not do any rocking.

Now, I'm home, headed for bed, and ready for my last day of vacation. Woo!

(May 31, 2006 02:31 AM)
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