June 01, 2006

First day at the new gig. I think this is going to work out just fine. Got in, got myself situated and set up my machine, got the rundown on a few projects, started building my unnecessarily complex class structure to make some simple actionscripty goodness work, all that fun stuff. They also brought me a big box of fresh, warm cookies, and sent an email out to everyone telling them to stop by and say hi. I think I ate too many cookies. Erp.

After work, I moseyed over to the Hideout for our first shot at trying to do long form on the stage - the Puppy Apocalypse. (The agricultural misuse of genetically mutated puppies whose bites turned humans into infectious puppy-corn precipitated an act of nuclear terrorism on a nearby Amish community. Hilarity ensued. Yay, improv.) Overall, it came off pretty well - there were a few snag-ups here and there, and the ending was a little soft, but everyone in the audience that I talked to afterwards really liked it a lot, and I suppose that's what matters. We taped the show again, so we'll be able to work out the bits that need polishing, but I feel pretty good about it for the most part. And we'll have plenty of stage time coming up to work out the kinks - we're opening for ColdTowne again on the 12th at The Space, and we'll be doing some bar-prov at the Carousel Lounge on the evilest day of the century, 6/6/6. A couple of us will also be performing the filthiest acts humanly possible at a special Blue Maestro at the Hideout this Saturday, in the new late late show slot. Whee!

In other news, here are some images created by bouncing high-frequency sound waves off a fetus. Note the penis. I really can't make anything out there, but they assure me that it is human. Mostly.

(June 01, 2006 10:17 PM)
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