June 04, 2006

Spent a good chunk of the day working on my board game (currently "Hive", but I'll need to come up with a different name, as that one's taken by another perfectly fine game). It's just about ready to go now - next step is to tighten up the written rules and figure out how I want to go about publishing and distributing, which is a whole 'nother game.

Met my buddy David Marcum (from AGD days) this afternoon up at our old meeting place, Texpresso, for a coffee and catch-up chat. He's been in DC with his wife for the last six months or so, and he returns with some interesting stories. They were staying in a pretty nice neighborhood, so they got to see a few sights - did you know that Dick Cheney takes a helicopter to work every day? And he can just shoot whoever he wants! I want that job!

But now, the hour is late, so, no time to remember all that. I just got back from performing in a Blue Maestro show at the Hideout. We are all going to Hell. A much, much worst part than we were going to before, even.

(June 04, 2006 01:38 AM)
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