June 10, 2006

Man, I've been sick, sick, sick. It started with a little tickle at the back of my throat last Friday (coincidentally, maybe, after getting some ground pork over rice at a slightly suspect Thai place over by campus), and it's just gotten progressively worse since then. Mostly really bad sore throat, achey, stuffed up sinuses, with an occasional headache and stomach ick. Now my right eye is all puffy and red - I took Thursday off, but I had to go in to work to knock some stuff out, and I was basically only able to see out of my left eye, just sitting there, swaying back and forth and spitting out actionscript, doped out on theraflu and cough drops. No fun at all.

This being sick especially sucks when you've got shit to do, besides work. Last weekend, I had to skip out on the big MojoKickball game and the hoppin' annual Total Foxes boat party out on the lake. Both events were heavily attended by improv folks, who reported awesomeness on both counts. Bah! I did manage to get myself in enough of an ambulatory state to make it out to the Carousel Lounge to perform some bar-prov with IFE and P-graph, which was also heavily attended by the super-supportive folks here. We went out to Starseeds diner afterwards, which was probably a really bad idea for me, but it was a lot of fun, so, yah. I did skip out on the ArtSpark final presentations on Wednesday, though, which is a shame, because there were some pretty cool looking things gonig on there. And no party at the Futures Lab last night for me, either.

On the schedule today, a highly recommended three-hour workshop at the Hideout with a guy who's leaving town afterwards, and going to see the Prairie Home Companion live performance later on. I'm guessing that I'm not going to make the workshop, but I might be able to sit still and not cough too much during PHC. Then a couple hours of rehearsal tomorrow, for our performance at The Space on Monday night. And then, I think I'll just die. Graaah.

(June 10, 2006 11:41 AM)
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