June 13, 2006
head jerky

Tonight was Improv For Evil's night in the week of ColdTowne's Test Pattern at The Space, followed by The Leading Brands. Lots of folks showed up to support (including Kyra and Tenorune! yay!), and it was a blast. (As a bonus, de Roos performed with us, which was awesome. She did a whole scene standing on her head.) We did about 45 minutes of shortformey-sceney type stuff, easy-peasy, and ended on a high note with a game of good/bad/worst advice. I think we actually ran over time a litle bit - we were running hot, and could have easily kept going for another 45. That feels like a good place to be - we've been working really hard, and I think that IFE has really come together as a troupe with the groupe mind over the last few months. I look forward to seeing what we pull out next...

Other highlights of the evening: Free beer! Mango cocktails! Cake and pizza for Jill's birthday! Improvised professional wrestling commentary! Setting Improv For Evil up on a date with Girls Girls Girls! Lots of other stuff I don't remember! Woo!

Also, I think I'm finally over the shitty bug that's been making me completely miserable for the last couple of weeks! Thanks, amoxicillin!

(June 13, 2006 01:12 AM)
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