June 18, 2006

Tonight, for the late show, we performed the first of two shows of the Weakly Whirled News (swirled? I can never remember) - a thing that Wes put together from two of his true loves, the badass Whirled News Tonight show, and the completely insane Weekly World News. The idea is that Wes has a bunch of headlines from the WWN cut out in a box, and the audience pulls them out and we do scenes based on them, and teh funnay happens. We didn't really get much rehearsal time, but that was okay, because only one person showed up for the show. And it was a friend of one of the cast members. Gah! Well, we performed anyway, and it was a riot. I look forward to the next show - hopefully we can get the word out a little better next time.

Before WWN, we caught a Girls Girls Girls show, and I jumped into Maestro (and got knocked out in the first round, primarily due to my lackluster presentation of a slideshow game, which I suck at), and afterwards we all headed over to Drake for Jay's going away party. (He's moving to Taiwan, and giving away a bunch of stuff! Boo! Yay!) Other highlights of the day were Bob and Erica's improv class in the morning, which ruled, and a solid caveman nap in the afternoon, which drooled. A lot. Ew.

(June 18, 2006 01:25 PM)
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