August 08, 2006

The good news is, I made it through the weekend without falling over. I started getting sick on Saturday, so I skipped a couple of Maestro shows to rest and hopefully head off whatever it was that was creeping up on me. Sunday - still sick, but had our big show that night, so I pushed through it, and it was awesome. Monday, sicker. Stayed home from work. Today, still the same. God dammit. I got shit to do, man. Both at work - if I can drag myself in the rest of the week, I'll have five days of stuff to do in three days - and outside, here. I was hoping to get a bunch of stuff done at home, or maybe go out and play some games or something before I headed out, but I've been glued into a laying down position here, so I can't even screw off properly. I hate this kind of sick - getting up and moving around is out of the question, but I'm all fevery and can't concentrate on anything, so even reading is kind of a pain, much less actually trying to write or produce anything useful. Bah.

(August 08, 2006 08:16 PM)
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