August 16, 2006

Made it to San Francisco without incident. That was one of the easiest airline experiences I've had in recent memory, barring the whole "you can't bring water on the plane unless you hate freedom" thing. Of course, the combination of getting out of the house at 6:30am and chowing down a fistful of valium before takeoff left me a little groggy getting out of the airport, but not too groggy to zoom-a-zoom up the 101 in our sporty little rental car up to Phil's place in the Richmond. After shaking up the Loco Rocco a bit, we walked over to King of Thai for the best food ever (twenty-one with chicken! again! woo!) and a quick swing over to Green Apple Books before crashing out on Phil's couch for a bit while he went to work to push out a build. Woke up around 9pm, walked over to Toy Boat for some ice cream, and then just hung out for a bit, before sleep finally hit for good.

I've got nothing to do all day today, so I'm just going to relax and enjoy my time-shift for a bit, then I think Andy's running a mask workshop in the evening, which should be pretty fun. Bernie may be getting some Indian food with the rest of the kids, and I might wind up meeting up with my sister at some point. But, no plans! Good! Yay, vacation.

(August 16, 2006 11:06 AM)
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